10 HoliMont Ave., Ellicottville

6806 Buchan Rd., Ellicottville

7957 Rte 240, Ellicottville

260 Deer Crossing Rd., Ellicottville

6882 Leslie Rd., Ellicottville

4241 Ford Hollow Rd., Allegany

6448 Rte 242 E., Ellicottville

6847 Leslie Rd., Ellicottville

6897 Creek Ridge Rd., Ellicottville

6850 Niles Rd., Ellicottville

24 HoliMont Ave., Ellicottville

Model Unit, Fillmore Townhouses, Ellicottville

7111 Crane Rd., Ellicottville, NY

5364 Rte 242 E., Ellicottville, NY

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Team Pritchard

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